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HPE high performance entry board​

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Application: FPCB, flex-rigid PCBs, thin hard PCBs with thickness below 24mil.

Thickness available: 0.20mm~0.80mm
HPE-0220: Carrier-0.20mm,Coating-0.02mm
HPE-0230: Carrier-0.20mm,Coating-0.03mm
HPE-0320: Carrier-0.30mm,Coating-0.02mm
HPE-0330: Carrier-0.30mm,Coating-0.03mm
Thickness tolerance:±0.1mm
Size tolerance:±3mm
Warpage:≤0.6% of diagonal
Size:40″x48″, all sizes are available upon request.

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1. Special soft polymer layer on top hold the drill immediately upon contact and no offset, effectively improving hole location and position accuracy;

2. The carrier is a heat-dissipating phenolic that offers high hardness and bending strength. It is flat and excellent for minimizing burrs;

3. Increase PCB stack-ups result in cost decreasing and higher efficiency

4. Suitable for micro holes ≧0.10mm

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